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05.09.2019 10:26
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I am a nostalgic person. I like to remember that I don't know how to say my interpretation of the text. Perhaps it is a way of recording disguised time. I am used to taking care of the usual life, feelings, feelings, so that when I am old, I look through these "old things", even if I am demented, I will remember some things that make people laugh and laugh. Hearing the sound of the brush on the white paper, no matter how much irritability, he can slowly calm down. It is a kind of music that slows down a hundred times. When they are compiled into a paragraph, an article, the mood naturally relaxes. When I look at the paper that is a little messy and full of words, I always feel that I have completed a big event. I am proud and satisfied with the character. I am in love with the expression of words. Although I am silent, I always feel that The real word in front of you can make people feel at ease, and at the same time express their feelings for "someone." It��s a good thing to do both. The mood of dreaming is the emotion that everyone has, and the text just repeats the dream of the heart, illusory and real. The text is actually a sustenance of a dream. If it is not what I think in my heart Parliament Cigarettes, how is it learned from the above, I just changed the way to nostalgic. The text I like doesn't need to be gorgeous, as long as it is real enough, warm enough, enough to impress, that is The best text.He is the sly son of the turbid world, but he sighs "Don't have a root bud, not a rich flower in the world"; he is the eight-flag brother in the clan, but he feels "there is always the thought of a mountain fish bird"; he is in the officialdom. The guards near the minister, but often sorrow "looking for a slap in the past, only sad autumn tears" This is what I like, if his life is just like him, not only will he be a lyricist, he also has his own love. Language, a hibiscus with autumn rain. Little dizst love is a failure, which makes him sigh "the moon seems to be at that time Online Cigarettes, people like it at the time", this is his hidden pain. After his first love failed, he ushered in his marriage. When Lu's arrival made him finally get out of the shadow of the first love, God gave him a second blow, and Lu's dystocia died. He can only helplessly "confessing one person who is Marlboro Red, has been jealous, winning mistakes, I like his passion, like him, "If life is just like seeing first" and Jun Zhanxuan Wang, appreciate the indifferent fame and fortune, light and heavy Scholars, despise those who are good at pursuing snobbery. "Changan Ranger, gold as a soil, he treats friends like family. "To make friends and tolerate the juvenile, Wuyi Gongzi, the talent is absolutely high. It is suitable for the Yuan and Ming dynasty, and it is very eager to push the statue of the sacred sorrow, and the singer is not forever, the power is not filled. He has failed to win the ruin. His words are purely self-willed, and the spirit is not stained, and he is gracious, and he is tempted to accept it. It is hard to be calm." This is his friend's best evaluation of him. I like his cherished friendship. He likes to sing "The King of the Emperor's Exhibition" and he is a singer. However, this did not make him happy and satisfied, replacing the gloom of the whole day. "Although it is full of prosperity, it is not self-sufficient. In the world, there is no such thing as a fragrant, if you are rich and rich, you will be a poor person." In Gaomen Guangsha, there is often the thought of Yamazawa fish and bird." He is a good lyricist, but he was left in the palace as a guard. The original, his love, and his companionship He is driving, but I want him to like him, a good person named Nalan Xingde. However, I like to call him Nalan Rongruo, as his words are general, fresh, just like his people, Confucianism I like him, I admire him, I admire him - Nalan Rongruo.

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